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Tupac's Enemies


Known to many as Biggie, Notorious B.I.G was Pac's main enemy. Tupac first started dissing Biggie, and that made the Eastside/Westside beef. Tupac and Biggie were homeboys and were together in Thug Life. Pac always let Biggie come on in his concerts and made Biggie what he was. But when Tupac got shot, he blamed Biggie for setting him up. Biggie was signed with Puffy's (P Diddy) record compay Bad Boy Records. Bad Boy wanted Tupac to join but he refused. But he was going to do a song with Lil Shawn. He was shot 5 times and then went to prison after on a 4 years charge for rape which he didn't do. While he was in jail people were telling him it was some homies of Biggie that shot him. Also Biggie or Puffy never bothered to visit him. So he added all this up and came to the conclusion that Biggie and Puffy set him up. Along with Stretch, Lil Shawn and King Tut (who he knew as Nigel at the time). when he was released from prison he joined Death Row Records and started dissing Biggie. He also stared Westside (also known as Westcoast). He dissed Biggie and many more in songs like Fuck Em All, When We Ride On Our Enemies and Hit Em Up, the most controversial diss song in history. Notorious B.I.G died in May 1997.


Originally known as Puff Daddy, P Diddy was nicknamed Puffy. he was one of Biggie's best friends and is the owner of Bad Boy Records. Tupac believed Puffy set him up as well with Biggie. Also there were rumours that Puffy ordered the 1996 shooting which was fatal to Tupac. But there is no proof of this. Tupac and co dissed Puffy a lot for being fake and getting rich off of other talents. Puffy already had beef with Suge Knight (CEO of Death Row).This created a feud between the two record companies, Death Row and Bad Boy.


Mobb Deep are the only enemies of Tupac I dont like. They continued to diss Pac after he died. Tupac was okay with these two rappers (Prodigy and Havoc), but when he went to prison they took his Thug Life slogan and went round sayin it themselves. In an interview they said "Thug Life, we still livin it." This pissed Tuapc right off. So he threw disses out to them in songs like Hit Em Up and When We Ride On Our Enemies. One of them had sickle cells, a disease, and he dissed them saying one of them might have a seizure or heart attack.


Tupac and Nas had met up once and Pac told Nas not to get caught up in the East/West beef. Later Pac heard Nas' song The Message which was dissin fake thugs. Tupac thought Nas was talking about him. Also Nas kept talking about Thug Life, which was Pac's slogan. So Tupac dissed him in songs like Bomb First and Against All Odds on his The Don Killuminati album under the name Makaveli. Nas made peace with Tupac after he died and praised him on the song We Will Survive. Also Nas appeared on the Thugz Manion Remix on Pac's album Better Dayz.


LL Cool J, which stood for Ladies Love Cool James (real name James Todd Smith), was one of the earlier rappers, who took rap to what it was when Tupac and Biggie were around. Tupac liked him at first and gave him respect in the song Old School. But for some reason they ended up with beef. It was after LL Cool J remixed Biggie's song Who Shot Ya, with I Shot Ya. Tupac thought LL was talking about the 1994 shooting and dissed him in the song Lil Homies (This is cut off the end of the Until The End Of Time version).


Real name Andre Young, Dr Dre was also signed to Death Row and recorded the song California Love with Pac. Dre created Death Row along with Suge Knight. Dr Dre discovered rapping talents like Snoop Dogg, and Daz Dillinger. But he relied too much on their success. He had only bought out the album The Chronic. This annoyed Tupac. And Dre didnt like Pac that much as he was jealous of his success. The final straw was when Dre failed to turn up at a court case with Snoop Dogg. Pac thought he was lazy and dissed him calling him gay. Dre left Deathrow and that pissed Pac off even more. He disses him in the songs Toss It Up featuring K-Ci & JoJo, Danny Boy and Aaron Hall, and To Live And Die In LA which he called "California Love part mutherfucking two. Without gay ass Dre". Dr Dre only hit back at Death Row (in Forgot About Dre ft Eminem) after Pac died. In a recent song (Shit Hits the Fan-Obie Trice featuring Dr Dre and Eminem from Obie's album Cheers) Dre praises Tupac saying (dissing Ja Rule) "Pussy you not Pac, I knew him. Pac was a real nigga, you just a fucking insult to him. It's too bad we had to fall out before he passed, cuz if he could see the shit he'd be whoopin yo ass." Dr Dre also made up with stars like Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg.


This all started when Chino XL said in his song Riot "I'm tryin not to get fucked like Tupac in jail (see Wendy Williams)." Tupac didn't consider Chino XL on his level but dissed him on the song Hit Em Up. "Chino XL, fuck you too." After Pac died Chino said in an interview that he liked Tupac's music and wished hed never had beef. Chino XL was shot in 2004 by a black man screaming "Thug Life!".


Tupac started dissing Wendy Williams when she claimed Tupac got raped in jail. He absolutey slaughtered her on the song Why U Turn On Me?


Deloris Tucker was constantly trying to censor rap music saying it needed to be banned. Deloris was black herself so this pissed Tupac off. He dissed her on songs like How Do U Want It and Wonda Why They Call U Bytch. So Deloris Tucker waited until Tupac died then sued. I wonder why they call you bitch too? Money grabber.


Im not sure how this started but Tupac dissed The Fugees in the song When We Ride On Our Enemies. On the recent official 2 Pac mixtape: Rap Phenomenon 2, Wycleff Jean remixed baby Don't Cry and called it a "tribute to Tupac".


Real name Shawn Carter, Jay Z is the owner of Roc-A-Fella Records. This beef started after Jay Z appeared on Biggies song New Yorks Finest in which Pac was dissed. Pac dissed Jay in songs such as Bomb First, Fuck Friends and All Out.



Facts About Tupac
  • Tupac was offered a music contract at the age of thirteen. But Afeni, his mum, wouldnt let him take it.
  • His biological name was Lesane Parish Crooks. It was then changed to Tupac Amaru Shakur.
  • His real dads name was Billy Garland. Tupac believed he was dead until Billy visited him in hospital.
  • His stepdads name was Mutulu Shakur. Mutulu is currently serving a 60 year sentence for an incident which saw two police officers killed.
  • Afeni Shakurs original name was Alice Faye Williams. 
  • Some of the early known Tupac songs were Panter Power (know released on Tupac Resurrection and The Lost Tapes) which was about the black political party which his mum was part of, and When Will You Learn, which he wrote after his friend was killed. His name was Darren Berrett.
  • Notorious B.I.G was close friends with Tupac before the beef. Tupac would let Biggie go on stage with him.
  • Tupac read for the part of Bubba, in Forrest Gump.
  • His favourite actor was Jim Carrey.
  • His favourite colours were black and gold.
  • Before he died Tupac was working on a song called One Day At A Time with The Outlawz. But it wasn't finished. Rap star Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) added a verse of his own and finished it off for the album Tupac Resurrection.
  • Pac was planning to bring out the single Ghost, but never managed to. It has now also been released on Tupac Resurrection.
  • THUG LIFE stands for The Hate U Give Little Infants Fuck Everybody.
  • NIGGA stands for Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished.
  • OUTLAW stands for Operating Under Thug Life As Warriors.
  • M.O.B stands for Money Over Bitches.
  • He wanted to be an actor before he became a rapper.
  • Tupac is on the Guiness Book Of Records for the biggest selling rapper of all time. He nearly doubles the earnings of number two (suprisingly The Beastie Boys).
  • Tupac is the ninth greatest musician of all time. He comes before Sting. There are also great musicians like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra in this list.
  • He is also the eigth greatest earning posthumous celebrity of all time, coming before Marylin Monroe and Bob Marley. The list includes such greats as JRR Tolkien.
  • His album All Eyez On Me is the third greatest album of all decade(1993-2003). This album was also the first ever double CD in rap history and achieved 9 times platinum.
  • Stretch was a friend of Tupac and was there while Pac was shot in 94. Stretch was then killed a year after this shooting. Tupac suspected Stretch may have known he was gonna get shot and mentioned this in many songs.
  • Suge Knight took Tupac to his first basket ball match.
  • Wendy williams claimed that Tupac was raped in jail (although the fat bitch wasn't there). Pac retalliated in the song Why U Turn On Me.
  • Tupac was supposed to star in the films Cool Runnings, Higher Learning and Menace To Society.
  • Tupac had three aliases. First of all it was MC New York. Although he never released any songs under this name. For the most of his career it was 2 Pac. But a little while before he died, he changed it to Makaveli. But his posthumous albums were released under 2 Pac, and thats what everyone knows him as.
  • The first offical song Tuapc appeared on was Same Song. Tupac was then a member of Digital Underground and Pac only had eight bars.
  • If you read the lyrics to Me And My Girlfriend you'll know that he was talking about his gun not, his girlfriend.
  • The original title of All Eyez On Me was Amerikaz Euphansia.
  • The original title of Me Against The World was Crucify.
  • The original title of Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z was Troublesome 21.
  • Tupac wanted to have children. His son would be called Michaelangelo and his daughter would be Star.
  • Tupac first started acting in the film Nothing But Trouble.
  • Me And My Girlfriend was later copied by Jay Z and Beyonce who changed some lyrics and named it 03 Bonnie & Clyde. In the video there is a picture of Tupac on the wall near the phonebooth.


  Who Shot Tupac?

Both the 1994 (New York) and the 1996 (Las Vegas) shootings are a mystery. Tupac thought that Biggie and Puffy set him up in 94 and members of the Black Maffia shot him. Black Maffia apparently funded Bad Boy. But more importantly, here are the suspects of the 96 shootings, which ended up taking the life of this rap legend.


The reason people think Biggie killed Tupac is because of the beef they were having. Tupac was constantly dissing Biggie and maybe Biggie wanted Pac out of the way. Biggie was killed May 1997. Shot like Tupac. So this led people to believe that Biggie had his crew kill Tupac, and Pac's crew killed Biggie in retalliation.


Puffy was the CEO of Bad Boy. Tupac was constantly dissing the Eastside Bad Boy rappers. So maybe Puffy oredered the killing of Tupac. I read somewhere a while ago that a former manager or something of Bad Boy thought that Puffy put a hit on Tupac.


Marion Knight, known as Suge Knight and also called himself Simon, was the co CEO of Deathrow.When Tupac wnt to jail, Suge bailoed him out on the agreement that Pac would sign a contract meaning that he had to do 3 albums for Deathrow. But Tupac wasn't getting a lot of the money from Deathrow. With all the multi-platinum albums he sold, he wanted to know where it was all gonig. But everytime he bought up the subject up, Suge silenced him by giving him a wad of cash or a new car. He also bought a house for Pac's mother: Afeni Shakur. After the albums, Tupac wanted to leave Deathrow and make his own labe: Makaveli Records (Makaveli was an alias he used with The Outlawz). This would mean that Tupac would rights to all his unreleased material. This material was valuable to Deathrow. It would be even more valuable if Pac was dead.On the day of the shooting Tupac was in the car with Suge driving to Club 662, a club owned by Deathrow. Tupac was shot 4 times and Suge was only grazed by a bullet. How come? Suge then did a u-turn and drove off to a hospital. But apparently there was a hospital right next to Club 662. Strange. And because most of the LAPD worked for Suge and Death Row, it is believed that they too were involved. Thats why his murder wasnt solved. On the film Biggie & Tupac, There is an eye witness that says Suge ordered the kill on Bigge. And Big's body guard identified an LA police officer as the one who shot him. This is my personnal belief.


Orlando Anderson was a Southside Crip. People believe he was responsible for the shooting. On September 7th (day of shooting) Tupac, Suge Knight and Travon Lane beat up Orlando Anderson. When later Pac was killed, Orlando was held for questioning. But he was later released. Suge Knight was charged with violating his parole when Orlando claimed he was part of the beating. Orlando later changed his testimony saying Suge tried to break it off. It is believed Suge payed him off. Suge Knight was sentenced to 7 years though. On May 29th 1998, Orlando Anderson and his mate Michael Dorough met up with Michael Stone and his nephew Jerry Stone. A gunfight broke out and Orlando and the Stones were killed.


King Tut real name William Johnson was the leader of the Black Maffia which supposedly funded Bad Boy. When Pac was shot in 1994 ,it was believed King Tut ordered it because Tupac wouldn't join Bad Boy. When Tupac joined Deathrow, he immediately started dissing Bad Boy members and Eastcoast rappers. He even dissed King Tut in a song from the album The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. "Here we come gunshots to Tut, now you stuck. Fuck the rap game nigga, nigga this M.O.B, so believe me we enemies. I go against all odds." King Tut couldnt silence Tupac in 94, he only made it worse. So maybe Tut wanted to finish the job.


The Fatal Shooting

It was September 7th 1996. Tupac went to a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas with Suge Knight and Travon Lane aka Tray. Tyson was a close friend of Tupac and Pac even dedicated the song Lie To Kick It to the heavyweight boxer. The fight was Mike Tyson vs Seldon. Tyson won Seldon in 109 seconds. After that Tray spotted Orlando Anderson, who had robbed his Deathrow pendant days before. Pac, Suge and Tray beat him up and then Tupac and Suge went to Pac's girlfriends house. He changed clothes and went out without his bullet-proof vest on. He and Suge headed to Club 662 (you can see a picture of Tupac and The Outlawz on stage at this club in the booklet of All Eyez On Me). A car followed behind with bodyguards like Frank Alexander and members of The Outlawz like Kadafi. Suge, who was driving stopped at the traffic lights. A car full of girls (which could have been a decoy) pulled up to the right, getting Pac and Suge's attention. A white Cadillac then pulled up to the left holding four men. 13 dhots were fired. Tupac was hit four times whil eSuge was grazed by a bullett. Suge then did a u-turn to the Las Vegas hospital. He was followed by the police, instead of seuring the crime scene or trying to locate the shooters. While running on a red light, Suge's BMW attained flat tires and had to stop. Police and paramedics were on the scene. pac's men like Suge, Kadafi and Frank Alexander were held at gunpoint while Tupac was rushed away in an ambulance. Tupac survived for seven days (including that day) and finally passed on September 13th 1996 due to internal bleeding. Many people died after which may have been linked to Pac's death. Three of the main suspects, Notorious B.I.G, King Tut and Orlando Anderson. And Kadafi, a member of The Outlawz who claimed to know who the killer is was shot and killed at a house party the following year. Apparently a few Crips who were believed to be in the Cadillac wer also shot and killed. 


Makaveli was an alias Tupac created in jail. It was later to become a rapping name for a short while. It is an adaptation of Machiavelli. Niccolo Machiavelli was a book writer and political philosopher who Tupac studied while in jail. Niccolo Machiavelli lived from 1469-1527 and wrote books like The Prince and The Art Of War.

Tupac Shakur

Many people thougt that Tupac was just a thug who thought he was better than everyone else because of som eof the songs he bought out and some things he was arrested fo. Wll fuck anyon ewho thinks that. You just have to listen to songs like Keep Ya Head Up, Dear Mama, Changes and Life Goes On to know there was another side to him. Once when he went to a club he noticed a girl in a wheelchair all on her own. He danced with her all that night. Also Tupac was contacted by the parents of a dying boy named Joshua, whos last wish was to see him. he flew over and stayed by his side. And when the young boy died Pac renamed his publishing company from Ghetto Gospel Music to Joshua's Dream.

Biggie & Tupac
This is one of many documentaries on Tupac. This on is about the murders of Tupac and Biggie. There is also Tupac Resurrection which is told in Tupac's own words. and many more.